RayToxic 2022

An Al-powered proprietary technological solution to seamlessly create and manage digital identities (avatars) across metaverses





Custom Features

Natural Effects

Our Unreal Engine 5-powered technological products provide an unparalleled level of photorealism that sets us apart from the competition.

Accessories, wear elements, and fabrics of our Avatars are brought to life with stunning levels of detail that will amaze and inspire even the most discerning customers

Details Perfection

AI Digital Humans For Web 2

Al Digital Humans can become brand representatives, engaging users with interactive content and personalized experiences.
AI concierges can provide guests with information, take reservations, and handle basic requests, improving the guest experience.
They can offer basic medical advice, remind patients to take medications, help with scheduling appointments, and provide company to those who are isolated.
Al Digital Humans efficiently handle large volumes of customer inquiries across various channels, offering instant responses and minimizing wait times. They address common questions, freeing up human staff to tackle more complex issues
Customer Services

AI Digital Humans For Web 3

Teach users about blockchain technology, smart contracts, and the principles of decentralized systems through interactive learning modules.

Improve crypto literacy among users by explaining concepts in a conversational manner, tailoring explanations to individual levels of understanding.
Blockchain Education and Crypto Literacy
Provide personalized advice on DeFi investment strategies, explaining complex concepts like yield farming, liquidity pools, and staking in an accessible manner.
Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Advisor
Offer 24/7 customer service for crypto exchanges and wallets, including wallet setup assistance, handling inquiries regarding transactions, security practices, and technical issues.
Crypto Customer Support
Serve as virtual community managers on platforms like Discord and Telegram, engaging with members, moderating discussions, and providing real-time updates on projects.

Host and guide virtual conferences and meetups in the crypto space, engaging with attendees and facilitating network opportunities.
Community Engagement:

The award unites the most innovative, forward-thinking and inspired talents who are designing avatars and digital fashion for the Metaverse.




Helisa was recognized as one of the next-level avatars which inspire and unite creative people around the globe

Helisa was nominated by OUTPUT Global Talent Open Call Awards among the top 10 best digital artworks in 2022

Ray Toxic was named one of the most distinguished 3D avatars in 2022 by 3D Total

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