Far space, opposite from us end visible Universe. A highly developed anthropomorphic civilization is forced to colonize an alien planet with several climate zones and dangerous flora and fauna

Peaceful message

Bright, unusual and diverse locations

Be born. Survive. Change world To the best

Biotech and DNA experiments allow control over evolution, creating diverse creatures by studying gene relationships and biochemical processes to shape living beings.

Feature of the game

At the beginning of his journey, the hero wants to achieve justice for all the inhabitants of the colonized planet, so that vital medicines become publicly available.

But over time, he realizes that his mission is much more global: he must preserve the guest race by abandoning archaic prejudices and combining the gene of the colonizers with the DNA of local creatures. Otherwise, his civilization will face extinction.

This story about young guy - representative race suravi, which is already more thousands years colonizes Not the most friendly For myself planet

It is the fruit of a highly secret experiment by one of the elders of the colony. The main character's body contains a successful mixture of genome race guests And local fauna, however this news - surprise And For himself, after all For his society intervention V their DNA - the most severe taboo!

Between two lights

Discover the world within. Go beyond

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