to the Antix Universe
We are developing a game and a TV Show based on Universe concept
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to the Antix Universe
We are developing a game and a TV Show based on Universe concept
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Two races — the superior race of Surawi and the race of the oppressed, who have adapted to live on a remote planet. are fighting eternal battles...
The great war
The story takes place in the space of the unknown Galaxy which was colonized by people of Earth in the distant future.

People have abandoned their home planet and have developed into Biohacking civilization. They had to adapt to harsh environment of the new home and breeded anthropomorphic creatures – the race of the Oppressed.

The domination of science and bio maneuvers, the interlacements of destinies and the upgrade of emotional intelligence, revolutions and the rock of the conservative grounds give the characters the opportunity to find a new philosophy of life. But can it guarantee the survival for an endangered species?
LCT: Planet Crimson Dwarf
CTY: Hyper-Atlantis
The main resource on Crimson Dwarf is Ore. It is harmless for the race of the oppressed, but fatal for Surawi. The Ore is essentials for both races!
Surawi look like people, but paler, their skin has pearl-silver shade. They are conservative, believe in the authority of clan and honor ancestors. They have abandoned the former abode, which suffered a massive man-made disaster launching the countdown to the complete extinction of all living beings.

Searching for a shelter in the endless space, Surawi landed on Crimson Dwarf, not a place that one can call paradise, but rich with natural resources. They started ore mining necessary for biological experiments, energetic and military purposes.
The superior race
Surawi — priveleged race / colonianist / biohackers
Despite the hard life conditions and the hybridity of origin, representatives of Ji-Ji can be cute, even though their skin looks like scales. They worship Surawi as gods for giving them life.

Living conditions on the planet are suitable for them. The race's health renews through the use of mined turquoise ore.

The Ji-Ji world is designed with industrial zones, abandoned buildings, barracks, tent cities. The landscape is formed by volcanoes, wind, deserts, wild animals and wrecks of ancient spaceships. There are protein farms near the settlements, as well as endless mines and factories.

The culture resembles a mixture of the Middle Ages and modern gangster realities. There are rebel squads that commit terrorist attacks on the supreme leaders of the Surawi from time to time.
Ji-Ji are anthropomorphic creatures developed by the race of the superiors and working for them as slaves
The race
of the oppressed
Jud “Half-Blood” is and experimental sample of the “secret organizations” Surawi, the result of mongrelizing the race of the superiors and the race of the Oppresseda born leader who does not yet know the whole truth about his ancestors and his real destiny.

In love with Idi / raised with her in a boarding school
The accumulated contradictions in the social structure of the Superior race gradually led it to the loss of total control. Inevitable death is closer day by day.

Information about instability in the ruling class of the society seeps out to the leaders of the Ji-Ji. Rebel squads begin to form everywhere, and Jud takes their side. Surawi are losing control over the situation...
or new era of Crimson Dwarf?
An evolutionary dead end
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