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Base principles

Save your time in everything

We save your time in everything:

  • The Antix service team understands the task at first glance and quickly gets involved in the work, this execution has repeatedly implemented technical / creative projects for global companies.

  • We use a fundamentally new procedural approach creating end products — our own RND solutions, which already at the start helps to speed up the entire development process and get a juicy result in the final

  • We adapted the UE-5 so that it became even faster. High-speed rendering in real-time allows us to increase the amount of produced content in order to cover all the needs of customers when testing hypotheses and achieving maximum KPIs

  • We understand the market and the work of media platforms for which creative advertising videos will be used

  • We adjust the results and make edits on the same day, and then we take the next steps towards a common goal. You will receive a finished product of impeccable quality in the expected time with a guarantee of fulfillment of all obligations under the contract.

Save your money

Saving your money:

  • Remote outsourcing of digital content production from Antix covers the needs exactly when you need it and at a reasonable price — there is no need to train and maintain your own full-time staff. Cut costs!

  • We create a large number of short commercials for spot and quick testing of hypotheses on the target audience in social media. The video duration is up to 30 seconds. Payment is convenient, eliminating budget overruns — by subscription or at a fixed price per unit of content.


It's easy to work with us:

  • Transparent project management and 24/7 customer service help us keep your peace of mind for deadlines and results. At any time, you can ask a question to the producer of the project and know exactly at what stage the work is being done and be sure of the safety of your IP and NDA

  • A large team of highly qualified Antix employees works in various styles and genres, performing tasks clearly according to the terms of reference. Every step of digital content production is fully coordinated with you, so you get a predictable result. But we always strive to exceed expectations and achieve full satisfaction with the results of the project.

  • Now you can take a nap in peace, because everything is under control!

BEspoke solutions

Cinematics А-ААА

All-Inclusive Service

Own RND based on Unreal Engine 5, which already at the start of the project allow you to accelerate the development process of cinematics by 60% and increase ROI

The development of commercials from scratch facilitates the transfer of ideas, accelerates its implementation

The creation of the asset library is carried out by Antix employees



Up to 75% faster & more independent

1. The cloud version of the designed APP for creating cinematics
2. To work with the APP, you are given the opportunity to import and export your assets

• Suitable for assets adapted by you
• Loading and unloading takes place without the participation of Antix

"Secret Button"


Up to 90% faster with Multi - speed Service & independent 24/7

CLIENT → Our "Secret Button" → DONE

"Secret Button" is a user-friendly app that accelerates the custom development of creative videos for rapid hypothesis testing and product promotion

Cut your costs
  • you create commercials yourself to test the product for the audience
  • you control the process yourself

  • we support you if you need it
  • we can upload the assets to the project ourselves, and you will configure the video later as you want on your own

What are the features of the Antix app?

Includes (beta):

1. APP for your independent work

2. Service — all your assets and models are adapted to the APP and integrated into it. The necessary functions are added

3. The ability to update the APP
by adding new assets at your request

  • SAS model — Subscription to release a limited number of ready-made videos.

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From the first touch, we maximally involve the viewer in a movie, TV series or game because we know how to influence the target audience

• Maya, Houdini, Blender animation works

• Unity, Unreal integration

• Rigging for Games and Cinematics

• Motion Capture

3D & 2D Art

We will increase your brand awareness by accurately conveying the personality and realism of the characters, the environment, the texture of materials, etc.

3D Art:

• High Poly sculpting
• Modeling/PBR Texturing
• 3D Rendering and Environment
• Rigging for Games and Cinematics

2D Art:

• Concept art
• Illustrations
• UI
• Key Visual
• Game Art


Digital Avatars

Connect to the metaverses using a virtual double — a digital avatar. It can be a brand ambassador or your ideal clone.

Buy and sell goods, build houses, get creative, or live the life you've always dreamed of, away from the real worldly bustle. This is a magical door to a new boundless world!

We use:

• Houdini
• ZBrush
• Substance 3D Sampler
• Substance 3D Painter
• Unreal Engine

Digital Wear

Produce and sell stylized and realistic fashionable clothes that will unlock the potential of the individual without harm to the environment.

Each owner will be able to put it on his digital double and be anyone in the meta—world - this is complete independence and freedom of expression, inaccessible to a person in the physical world.


We are able to bring to life any large-scale 3D collection for your brand, preserving the authenticity of works of art


Metaverse is not only a new level of gaming experience, but also an immersive way of promoting and consuming goods and services, involving new marketing strategies such as virtualized storefronts, new age of interaction, customer service, etc.


We will reflect all the diversity and beauty of the the world, where as an avatar you will be able to communicate, walk, create, relax, etc., feeling the infinity of the universe and own possibilities

Discover the world within. Go beyond

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